June 30, 2020 Update


Our Board has decided that our initial timeline for developing a COSEM curriculum is too short. Tovi and Matt, our expert mindfulness guides for it, are also both involved in some other projects that are taking up more time than they originally thought. The Board will be meeting in mid-July to discuss a new timeline for moving forward.

To support school communities this upcoming school year in a similar way, we are exploring collaborations with several other mindfulness and yoga experts who have already developed successful teen curriculums. For those who filled out our interest form or registered for our design and input session, we'll email you once we have a new team formed.


We are committed to helping COSEM educators and schools in this time of great need.   Contact Tracy Heilers at hello@educatingmindfully.org with any questions.

"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all." -Artistotle

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