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Congratulation to our 2020 grant recipient Stephanie Harris of Lake Orion Community Schools in Michigan

Our next recipient will be announced at EMCON2021 on February 26. The recipient is randomly selected and if you don't win, you'll be entered into our next drawings (no need to keep resubmitting).


The video submittals need to be YouTube links from COSEM professional members. 

One application per educator, but feel free to share several links. 


Videos do not need to be fancy or time-consuming. Below are a few examples of previous submittals.Your video submittal can be as simple as a recording of you leading an in-person or virtual 

mindfulness practice or mindful SEL lesson for your students.

We can only share your video if they are 100% secular and don't contain singing bowls, etc. 


Contact with questions or to sponsor a $1000 grant.

"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all." -Artistotle

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