We're looking forward to partnering to create an amazing annual event, moving around the country, that will inspire and support educators as they integrate mindfulness into their curriculums and daily life. 


We picked this year's Conference dates based on the Teacher Institute Day of March 1 for both Kane and DuPage County. Both are west of Chicago; Kane ROE has 9 school districts (including SDU-46 with 57 schools) and DuPage ROE has 44 school districts. On this date, educators attend professional development sessions at different locations. We've partnered with DuPage ROE for CPDUs and CEUs.


Our venue, Pheasant Run Resort, is central for educators in both counties.  The Conference will be promoted to every teacher, administrator, social worker, counselor and psychologist in Chicagoland and beyond.  



Thursday Keynote and Resource Expo

Expo tables are $100 and all proceeds benefit our Mindfulness Resource Fund


Friday Educator Conference

     Educators choose from a variety of 50 minute breakout sessions hosted by partners 

Friday breakout room rental is $250; this fee includes an Expo table for Thursday and one lunch on Friday


Weekend Trainings/Workshops

     Bring a full day workshop or program/curriculum training to educators

We handle payments, registrations, and rental space; 30/70 split on registration fees


We are seeking Sponsorships to provide Conference attendees with a mindfulness book, as well as a pen and cloth bag for placing promo flyers, notes, etc. We will also be able to give more back to schools through our Resource Give-Away if we have more sponsors.


Sponsorships of over $1000 (monetary, in kind, or donations) will:

  • have their logo/weblink on our homepage

  • have prominant location at our Expo, if they choose to attend

  • be highlighted in pre-conference emails/e-newsletters

  • be acknowledged verbally at beginning and end of Thursday and Friday at conference

  • be acknowledged in the printed conference program given to all attendees

  • have logo on a Sponsorship easel near the check-in table

  • be moved to the top few rows of our resource page, if mindfulness-related, and have ’sponsor’ added to their blurb

  • be moved to the top of the breakout session list on the details page (in order of when they became a sponsor)

  • be moved to the top of the workshop list on the workshop page (in order of when they became a sponsor)

Please look over details of partnership opportunities below and let me know if you have any questions. My contact info is and 630-337-7452. 

With love and appreciation, 

Tracy Heilers, Founder

1. Website Resource Page

Many educators will be visting our website to learn about the Conference.  With a dedicated resource page on our website, we will be able to facilitate the process of educators learning the benefits of, practicing, and then intergrating mindfulness in their classrooms. It will help them find just the right resource for their personal mindfulness journey and for building a practice with their students. Our Resource Page will be THE one-stop-shop for finding mindfulness resources for schools and families! 

Posting a resource is free; email Tracy your jpg/png file, web link and approximately 50 word description. Please consider donating with the link above to our Mindfulness Resource Fund.


Educators who register during our early bird period are automatically entered into a Resource Give-Away. Winners will choose a school and that school will receive $1000 to use on mindfulness resources- from one or more of the resource parnters participating in the Conference. The number of winners is based on the total amount donated.  Winners will be announced at the last session on Friday. We hope to be able to provide 20+ schools with $1000 scholarships.

2. Thursday Evening Resource Expo

A combo Resource Expo/Networking Session/Poster Session will take on Thursday from 6:00-9:30pm, before and after the Keynote. Set-up is from 5:00-6:00. The Keynote will be geared to educators, parents, and teens. At the Expo, educators can learn about a variety of mindfulness programs---to help them find one or more that best fits their unique needs. And parents attending can share the resources at the Expo with their PTO, teachers, and school administrators---becoming ambassadors for mindfulness in their schools. 


Along with school mindfulness programs, attendees can also learn about mindfulness apps, books, retreat centers, training programs, yoga centers, and other conferences.  Local mindfulness courses and mindful-based mental health resources will also be featured.

Depending on the number of attendees and exhibitors, the Expo tables will either be along outside walls of the Ballroom with the Keynote or in the Atrium near the Ballroom. 

Exhibitor spots are $100 and proceeds benefit our Mindfulness Resource Fund. Contact Tracy about reserving one. Included is a round or rectangular table, cloth covering, and 2 chairs.  

3. Friday Breakout Sessions

On Friday, educators will attend the Conference from 8:30-4:30. There will be four 50 min breakout sessions, many of these will be led by experts offering or involved with resources/programs. This is a chance for these organizations to build relationships and engage with educators in a deeper way than at an exhibitor table. They can share from their years of experience, and give guidance for imbedding mindfulness into unique learning environments. 

Several rooms that accomodate 40 or more chairs are available for these Friday breakout sessions.  Partner room rental is $250 and includes projector. Bring your own laptop. Contact Tracy to coordinate your room needs and session topics.  This price includes an Expo table and Friday lunch for one person. Additional lunch tickets are available for $40 each.

4. Workshops/Trainings

On Saturday, partners will have a chance to offer workshops and training intensives for educators. We want participants to have lots of choices; they can either start/deepen their personal mindfulness practice or train to learn how to implement a specific mindfulness curriculum at their school.  


We will provide your workshop description on our Workshop webpage, and can link to your website if you need more space. You'll also have a listing in our printed Conference program.  We have a variety of workshop rooms available fitting 40-250 people. Rooms will be assigned based on registration enrollments; i.e. the first workshops to enroll over 100 people will get the largest spaces.


All workshops are 8:30-4:00 on Saturday and participants will do lunch on their own from approximately 11:45-12:45. Culvers, Noodles & Co, Potbelly, Chipotle, Portillos, Vino Thai, and Jimmy Johns are all a block away. The onite cafe and restaurants are also an option. Prices are $150 early bird and $180 regular. Registration fees will be split 30% for Coalition and 70% for host. 


We can also promote your workshops/trainings taking place at other times of the year.

"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all." -Artistotle

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