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Hi, I'm Rich Sims. I teach adults, children and teens, empowering approaches and tools to improve their emotional and physical wellbeing. I'm currently working with teachers, mental health teams and school administrators to bring Mindful, Somatic, Trauma Sensitive approaches to help those in our schools help work with and deal with their stress, fear, anxiety and trauma.

Some of my specialties include working with the fear, stress, anxiety, resilience, depression and trauma that can affect relationships and performance personally, professionally and academically.

By combining the connection between our minds, bodies, emotions and distress responses with methods including Mindfulness, Body Awareness, Breathing, Meditation, Embodiment, Somatic Education, and the principles of the non-violent art of Aikido a personal approach is developed for each individual or group I help.

With practice, the students and people I teach learn BodyMind tools and approaches to help them become more centered, with a calm, caring strength. From here they achieve a powerful place stand and, more importantly, learn to move forward from, ready to face and be present for each moment life brings. Simply put, “Empowered.”

Richard E Sims

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