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Linda Ryden, Jillian Diesner and I are the team behind Peace of Mind Inc. We started Peace of Mind to encourage and support educators in bringing mindfulness-based SEL to their elementary school students. We are passionate about the transformative power of this work, and believe there is no time to waste in bringing it to our next generation.

Linda and Jillian are Peace Teachers at Washington DC's largest public elementary school. They've been teaching mindfulness-based SEL to over 900 students every week, all year, year after year for over a decade.

Together we have developed and written the Peace of Mind Curriculum Series to share this work with others. The Peace of Mind Curricula integrate mindfulness, kindness, gratitude and empathy, brain science and conflict resolution for PreK through Grade 5.

Peace of Mind is based on over 16,000 hours of in-classroom development by Linda and Jillian. We are based in Washington DC where we work with public, charter and independent schools. We're thrilled that educators around the country have begun using Peace of Mind with their students, too. We would love to share it with you as well!

Personally, I have a daily mindfulness practice of my own that supports my work as executive director of our nonprofit organization, as a curriculum author, and in all other aspects of my life. I enjoy practicing yoga, and find time to study and practice as a Reiki Master as well. I look forward to learning from this community! Cheryl


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