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Adam, who is now 14, created Wuf Shanti for kids to teach mindfulness techniques in early learning, so children can live in health and wellness, peace and positivity. Through music, fun, and games, children learn mindfulness, yoga, meditation, and positive thinking to help them think well to be well. These techniques help children to stay physically fit, mentally less stressed, able to cope with emotions, and interact with kindness.

Wuf Shanti’s Children’s Wellness Foundation has two tracks, one for early learning which teaches mindfulness to kids through a dog character, videos, a mobile app, & books, and another, older more serious curriculum for tweens and teens (minus the dog character) about staying mentally and physically healthy, mindfulness in education, diversity, inclusion, gratitude, communication, social emotional learning, peace, and kindness. It is so important to teach these tools to kids if we really want to stop the violence and make a positive impact on the world for the next generation.

Shanti means peace. If we can teach children when they are young more productive ways of coping with their emotions, then hopefully they will grow up to be more empathetic, less depressed and anxious teenagers, and more content, happier peace-loving adults.

You can read about Wuf Shanti in the recent press in Goop Magazine, Authority Magazine, Teaching. com, Best Self Magazine, Care for Your Mind, LA Yoga Magazine, Superfly SuperMom Blog, the Huffington Post, Thrive Global, Miami Herald, Yoga Digest, The Doctor Weighs In, Sun Sentinel, Integral Yoga Magazine, and many others. Some of these publications were interviews or articles, written by other people about Wuf Shanti, and some of them are articles Adam wrote which were published by news outlets or magazines.

Adam also conducts his “Partners for Peace” interview series with pioneers in mindfulness community, was a speaker at the 2018 Mindfulness in Education Summit, founded the Kids Association for Mindfulness in Education (KAME), and co-founded and is hosting the 2019 international Mindful Kids Peace Summit. We are very excited that our Wuf Shanti curriculum has expanded to tweens and teens.

The Mindful Kids Peace Summit is a 5 day summit for teens in which subject matter experts will speak about diversity, inclusion, communication, anti-bullying, kindness, mindfulness, social emotional learning, interacting with others, positive psychology, and what we could all be doing together to make a positive impact in the world. Teachers will get lesson plans with suggested discussion points, activities, projects, and students will get service hours for attending. The program is all about mental health, stopping violence, and education.

Wuf Shanti is a recipient of the prestigious Mom’s Choice Award and named among the “Best in Family-Friendly Media, Products, & Services.” Common Sense Media named Wuf Shanti’s Mobile App, the Yoga Fun Machine, one of the “Best Health Apps and Games for Kids.” National Parenting Product Awards (NAPPA) named Wuf Shanti “Best Product for Children” in their Health and Wellness roundup.

Wuf Shanti has 7 books (6 fiction and 1 non-fiction), 100+ videos, and a mindful mobile app. You can see Wuf Shanti videos on local PBS stations in SFla, on the Children’s TV Network (the in-house TV station at children’s hospitals across the country and internationally), BatteryPop, KidoodleTV, Adventure To Learning (in-school fitness and health video programming in 25,000 schools), our YouTube Channel, and on the Wuf Shanti mobile app (on Apple and Android devices).

Our Wuf Shanti mascot tours schools and children’s hospitals to share these practices with the children. To learn more about us:

You can register for free today for the Peace Summit, and tell all your friends, schools, teachers, administrators, healthcare practitioners, parents, and kids to do the same.

We have more than 100K followers on Facebook. Thank you so much for all of your support! Please join us in our mission to heal this planet and make it a better place for our kids. You can join us on all social media platforms @wufshanti. Thanks!! #wufshanti #mindfulkidspeacesummit #healthandwellness #mindfulnessineducation #nextgenstrong #changetheworld #hopeforthefuture

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