Coalition of Schools Educating Mindfully (COSEM) is an educator-led

nonprofit that supports school communities by connecting them with mentors, resources, and experiences for mindfulness-based social, emotional, and cognitive learning.  We empower educators to explore, personally practice, and then create a culture of mindfulness in their school communities. By joining forces and assisting each other as we implement holistic approaches to education, we equip our community with skills to heal and thrive, and create a more equitable, compassionate world.



Support your growth as a mindful educator and connect with other passionate educators through our professional membership! Annual membership is $79.99 for individuals, $499.99 for groups of up to 50 people, and $999.99 for unlimited people in the same educational organization. Benefits include:


  • Connect, share, and network on our Member Site with mindful educators from around the world

  • Attend mentorship, professional learning, and self-care events throughout each month

  • Attend Mindfulness Fundamentals Series facilitated several times a year by different experienced educators

  • Access resources for your school community members such as mindfulness for caregivers, mindful teen, and family classes

  • Access our Member Site's Learning Center for past member events and conference sessions, as well as specialty courses​

  • Create and join Member Site groups such as Global Classroom Connect and Spanish Resources

  • Earn 24 PDs or CEUs for for viewing 24 hours of Learning Center content

  • Earn 1 graduate credit for viewing 15 hours of Learning Center content and completing an implementation plan

  • More tax-deductible memberships = more member benefits, collaborative projects, and systemic transformation!

Thank you to our group members for supporting educators in their organizations: New York City Department of Education, Delaware Department of Education, IL ROE 4, SD U-46 IL, Chicago Public Schools Network 13, CASE DuPage, Indian Prairie SD, 

Bannockburn School IL, Boulder Creek Elementary AZ, Downers Grove D99 IL, and U of Wisconsin-Stout College of Education! If you don't know whom to contact in your organization to gain access to member benefits, contact hello@educatingmindfully.org.


With 40 chapters written by passionate educators representing all grades and roles in schools, and collaborating with 20+ resource organizations, our anthology utilizes inspiring storytelling to document the emergence of mindfulness in US education while also creating a comprehensive resource and field guide for school communities.

"If you want to know what's actually happening with mindfulness in schools, this is the perfect book for educators. A superb collection of relevant, robust, and real-life examples to build understanding and capacity. As a school superintendent, this will be an invaluable resource for our teams."  -Timothy J. Steinhauer, Ed.D, Superintendent, Mt. Lebanon School District, PA 

Read the book's reviews, table of contents, and introduction here.

Our book is perfect for a mindfulness book club and gifts for administrators and colleagues! Place your bulk book order here.


Proceeds from our book support our educator grant program.

Request pdf HERE, write a review, and we'll mail you a free book!

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Our 2021 Educating Mindfully Conference was held virtual this year on February 26, with a post-conference Mini-Retreat and All Ages Every School Mindfulness Class. Attendees from 27 US states and multiple countries were in attendance. Thank you to those who participated!


Both our 2019 and 2020 in-person Educating Mindfully Conferences were held in hotels west of Chicago O'Hare airport. Save the date! Our next conference will be in-person on February 4-6, 2022.

Each day of EMCON develops adult SEL (social-emotional learning) competencies and dives deep into how students learn, trauma-informed ACE (adverse childhood experience) healing practices, using mindfulness to disrupt bias and increase equity, creating a school culture of compassion and inclusion, restorative justice practices, and teacher self-care practices to build stress resiliency and prevent burnout.

View EMCON2021 Opening Keynote with Jewel

View Closing Ignite Talks

View Educator Mini-Retreat

View All Ages Every School Mindfulness Class


Other past conference session recordings can be accessed on our Member Site. Learn about our professional membership here.


Mentorship is the first pillar of our mission and encompasses all we do. For example, COSEM values equity, belonging, and inclusion, so we provide free mentorship through our Equity-Based Conversation Series. Our goal with this series is to learn from each other, circulate ideas, and share best practices we are using in our schools and classrooms. Quarterly, our president Tovi Scruggs-Hussein meets with an equity leader to highlight the intersectionality of mindfulness, equity, and SEL. Participants have access to ask questions and enhance their practices. 


Start your research by visiting our Resource page to learn about educator-recommended mindfulness curriculums, apps, books, self-care retreats, training courses, and more. 


Connecting educators with resources is our second mission pillar. 

A Resource Fair networking event is held at each EMCON. This is an opportunity to connect with session presenters, resource providers, and other attendees. Each year approximately $10K in giveaways are donated by resource providers. 

We also have a fun video-sharing grant program. Using proceeds from our book, we randomly select recipients to receive $1000 resource grants to use at their schools. To enter to win, submit a video of mindfulness in action at your school (example at right).



The third pillar of our mission is experiences-created and led by COSEM members as well as connecting educators with other organizations' mindfulness-centered workshops, webinars, trainings, and other learning and self-care experiences. Our conferences also include dive deeper training opportunities.


COSEM received federal grant funding from ISBE through ICSPS/SELA to design our Wellness Team and Administrator Academy

Implementing School-wide Mindfulness for Well-Being, Equity & Inclusion. It is geared to school leaders but helpful for all members of a school's wellness team. An online version is being offered several times a year. See clips from the Academy to the right.


Visit our Partners webpage for information on other trainings, curriculums and learning events throughout the year; online and nationwide. Some even provide discounts to our website visitors.


Chapters are the heart of our mission and where inspired grassroots action happens.  Our vision is to have free chapter meetings throughout each school year, happening all across the world--communities where educators practice together, and support and mentor each other as they implement holistic approaches to education at their schools. 


Please consider facilitating chapter meetings in your area!

The clip to the right is from a New York State Chapter Meeting.


Thank you to DuPage Regional Office of Education and ICSPS/SELA for partnering with us for our Wellness Team and Administrator Academy. Thank you to Glenbard Parent Series for partnering to bring in mindfulness-focused presenters.


A special thanks to our Level 3 Sponsors: Manly Family, JabuMind, Racial Healing Allies, and Stressed Teens for making large financial donations to support COSEM's operational costs, allowing us to give financial aid scholarships to anyone in need.


Thank you to our Level 1 Sponsor Peace of Mind.

Our Partners Webpage highlights a variety of programs, products, and trainings; many giving discounts to our website visitors.

Your monetary, in-kind, giveaway donations or promotional support of COSEM will help facilitate the integration of mindfulness in schools. By strengthening critical brain networks and both inter- and intra-personal competencies, mindfulness supports students academically, socially, emotionally, and more. Your support will make a multi-generational impact on mental health in America.


Read our Call for Partners and donate HERE.

The Manly Family Trust

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As a school social worker, this conference allowed me to have space to reconnect and center myself and become excited about bringing mindfulness strategies back to my students and staff! This day embedded self-care and professional development which is refreshing and invigorating!! 


Thank you so much for providing a place to meet so many like-minded educators! My heart is full and my light is shining very brightly. We are surrounded by so much burn out and negativity right now. I didn't notice how down I have been until I spent this time with this group of people. What a great and well timed day. Thank you so much.


As an early childhood special ed and Preschool For All teacher, these conferences allow me to learn ways to support not only my students, but also their families with the difficulties they may be facing. I am thrilled that this year's conference focused so much on the trauma of systematic racism and white supremacy. It wasn't a side note either. This group is taking a firm, upfront stance on trying to right the wrongs our students, staff, and families have encountered in this country. Utilizing mindfulness to address these issues allows us to develop a deeper understanding of the work we need to do to make a positive impact on our students.

I am forever changed and impacted and look forward to paying it forward!!


COSEM conducts important and meaningful work for youth and educators and I felt honored to have attended their conference.


Even though it was a virtual offering, and despite the fact that I'm brand new to COSEM, I felt like I belong. The conference had some beautifully humane reminders that we all can benefit from.


EMCON has been a great, inspiring, and empowering experience! I feel so much gratitude for the connectedness with other participants, and for all the learning and sharing!

I love the way this conference showed how mindfulness and equity work intertwine. As one speaker reminded its the heart work that needs to be done with the head work of equity. Thank you!


I always feel refreshed and energized after this conference! It comes at a perfect time of the school year to make it through to spring with a smile on my face! Great people, great space!


Meaningful conference from start to finish. I left with practical strategies, along with a deeper understanding of the theory, history and why from the sessions I attended. I left with a full heart, filled with hope and feeling renewed by the connection with all who attended. In one word: DYNAMIC!


Thanks for another wonderful conference! Even virtually, the COSEM Community is supportive, wise, insightful, and awesome!


I cannot begin to express in words the JOY it gave me to be a part of this conference TODAY, as I am looking forward to joining in again TOMORROW, with such dynamic positive likeminded peers. Conferences such as this one, provide us with such content where we get to recharge our pedagogic batteries. We get to check in with ourselves, our peers in breakout rooms, adjusting our delivery to our students, as we face such unprecedented times. As research has shown, our approach to our students determines their response, and we must always be sensitive to their needs.