Coalition of Schools Educating Mindfully (COSEM) is an educator-led

501c3 nonprofit that supports school communities by connecting them with mentors, resources, and trainings for mindfulness-based social, emotional, and cognitive learning.  We empower educators to explore, personally practice, and then create a culture of mindfulness in their school communities. By joining forces and assisting each other as we implement holistic approaches to education, we equip the world's youth with skills to thrive and create a more equitable, compassionate world.


With our professional membership, you can support your personal and professional growth as a mindful educator. Annual membership is $79.99 for individuals, $499.99 for groups of up to 50 people, and $999.99 for unlimited people in the same educational organization. Benefits include:


  • Connect, share, and network on our Member Site with mindful educators from around the world

  • Attend virtual Educating Mindfully Conference

  • Attend mentorship, professional learning, and self-care events throughout each month

  • Attend 8-Week Mindfulness Fundamentals Series facilitated several times a year by different experienced educators

  • Access our Member Site's Learning Center for past member events and conference sessions, as well as specialty courses​

  • Create and join Member Site groups such as Global Classroom Connect and Spanish Resources

  • Earn 24 PDs or CEUs for a fee of $30 for viewing 24 hours of Learning Center content

  • Receive 1 grad credit for a fee of $45 for viewing 15 hours of Learning Center content and completing an implementation plan

  • Coming soon-more resources for school community members such as mindful parenting, mindful teen, and kids yoga classes

  • More tax-deductible memberships = more member benefits, collaborative projects, and systemic transformation!

Thank you to our group members for supporting educators in their organizations: New York City Department of Education, Delaware Department of Education, SD U-46 Illinois, CASE DuPage, and U of W-Stout College of Education! If you don't know whom to contact in your organization to gain access to member benefits, contact hello@educatingmindfully.org.


With 40 chapters written by passionate educators representing all grades and roles in schools, and collaborating with 20+ resource organizations, our anthology utilizes inspiring storytelling to document the emergence of mindfulness in US education while also creating a comprehensive resource and field guide for school communities.

"If you want to know what's actually happening with mindfulness in schools, this is the perfect book for educators. A superb collection of relevant, robust, and real-life examples to build understanding and capacity. As a school superintendent, this will be an invaluable resource for our teams."  -Timothy J. Steinhauer, Ed.D, Superintendent, Mt. Lebanon School District, PA 

Read the book's reviews, table of contents, and introduction here.

Our book is perfect for a mindfulness book club and gifts for administrators and colleagues! Place your bulk book order here.


Proceeds from our book support our educator grant program.


Our 2021 Educating Mindfully Conference will be virtual this year on February 26, with an Educator Mini-Retreat and Global Family

 Mindfulness Class on February 27.


Both our 2019 and 2020 in-person Educating Mindfully Conferences

were a huge success with attendees from 21+ states and multiple countries. EMCON2020 was at the Westin Northwest in Itasca, IL, just west of Chicago O'Hare airport, on February 27-March 1, 2020.

Each day of EMCON develops adult social-emotional learning competencies and dives deep into how students learn, trauma-informed ACE (adverse childhood experience) healing practices, using mindfulness to disrupt bias and increase equity, creating a school culture of compassion and inclusion, restorative justice practices, and teacher self-care practices to manage stress and prevent burnout.


Mentorship is the first pillar of our mission and encompasses all we do. For example, COSEM values equity, belonging, and inclusion, so we provide free mentorship through our Equity-Based Conversation Series. Our goal with this series is to learn from each other, circulate ideas, and share best-practices we are using in our schools and classrooms. Every other month, our president Tovi Scruggs-Hussein meets with an equity leader to highlight the intersectionality of mindfulness, equity, and SEL.  Participants have access to ask questions and enhance their practices. 


Start your research by visiting our Resource page to learn about educator-recommended mindfulness curriculums, apps, books, self-care retreats, training courses, and more. 


Connecting educators with resources is our second mission pillar. 

A Resource Fair networking event is held at each EMCON. This is an opportunity to connect with session presenters, resource providers, and other attendees. In the past, there was over $10K in giveaways donated by resource providers.



The third pillar of our mission is trainings--created and led by COSEM members as well as connecting educators with other organizations' trainings.  Many pre and post-conference full and half-day dive deep workshops and trainings are held at EMCON.


COSEM received federal grant funding from ISBE through ICSPS/SELA to design our Wellness Team and Administrator Academy

Implementing School-wide Mindfulness for Well-Being, Equity & Inclusion. It is geared to school administrators but helpful for all members of a school's wellness team. An online version is being offered 3 times a year. 


Visit our Partners webpage for information on other trainings, curriculums and learning events throughout the year; online and nationwide. Some even provide discounts to our website visitors.


Chapters are the heart of our mission and where inspired grassroots action happens.  Our vision is to have free chapter meetings throughout each school year, happening all across the world, with educators practicing together, and supporting and mentoring each other as they implement holistic approaches to education at their schools. 


Please consider facilitating chapter meetings in your area!


Thank you to DuPage Regional Office of Education and ICSPS/SELA for partnering with us for our Wellness Team and Administrator Academy


A special thanks to our Level 3 Sponsors shown below who have made substantial donations to support COSEM's operational costs and to our Level 1 Sponsor Peace of Mind.

Our Partners Webpage highlights a variety of programs, products, and trainings; many giving discounts to our website visitors.

Your monetary, in-kind, giveaway donations or promotional support of COSEM will help facilitate the integration of mindfulness in schools. By strengthening critical brain networks and both inter- and intra-personal competencies, mindfulness supports students academically, socially, emotionally, and more. Your support will make a multi-generational impact on mental health in America.


Read our Call for Partners and donate HERE.

The Manly Family Trust

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Daily practice is the most important element in developing the skills and aptitudes associated with mindfulness. To encourage educators and schools to practice ten minutes of mindfulness each day with their students, we are launching "Commit to 1%", an educator-led well-being campaign.


If we say that student mental wellness is our #1 priority, then dedicating at least ten school day minutes (approximately 1% of our waking day) to learning proactive brain-altering mental wellness practices is the next logical step. Daily mindfulness practice can help heal trauma and end much of the suffering that millions of students AND teachers experience each day as a result of the stress and anxiety that characterizes modern life. 


If we all join the campaign and keep reminding our community and school leaders that mental wellness is our #1 priority, we can make a big impact. Big transformations start with just one mindfulness champion in a school community. . .that's you. . .and we are here to help!

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"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all." -Artistotle

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