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COSEM's professional membership includes an online community that connects mindful educators and schools worldwide, allowing us to more fully join forces to affect change. Our membership vision is to transform both ourselves and our educational systems, with cooperative learning and mentorship at the heart.

Professional membership dues and benefits run annually and you can become a member at any time. You can join COSEM as an individual member or as a school or organization group member. Details are below. Click here for a full financial aid scholarship.

Throughout each month, we offer a variety of professional learning, mentorship, and self-care events on Zoom, led by our experienced members and experts in the field, each with a connection element. Within our online platform, members can also easily create groups, events, and courses--allowing us to learn about each other's research, lesson plans, programs, and more. And as a co-op, we can add more expert-led offerings and in-depth trainings as the number of members grows​.


Many schools cover professional membership dues and/or professional development up to a certain amount. Here is a template that can be submitted to your administrator for payment or reimbursement of the individual or group membership dues. As a 501c3 nonprofit, membership dues are tax-deductible. Contact the COSEM Team at with any questions.

Our passionate and supportive members help each other prioritize social and emotional well-being, improving stress resiliency, classroom climate, and more. We hope you will join us in our professional community of mindfulness-based practice and learning!

Individual Professional Membership for $79.99 per year 

  • Connection

    • Create a personal profile and start meeting people with common interests on our Member Site (Mighty Networks platform)​

    • Share resources, research, events, lessons plans, and more to stay up-to-date on the field of mindfulness in education

  • Mentorship  ​

    • Mentorship Meetings are informal, interactive, and include practicing together

    • Experienced COSEM members share details on how they are affecting change in their class, school, district, and beyond

  • Self-Care and Personal Development

    • Yoga, meditation, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Tai Chi, Qigong, EFT, iRest, etc. sessions led by experienced COSEM members

    • A variety of multi-week wellness series to learn or get refreshed on mindfulness basics and develop resiliency skills

  • Professional Development 

    • Professional learning events led by experienced members, authors, and experts; varying in length, topic, and design

    • Ability to take and lead additional fee-based specialty courses

  • Support 

    • Ability to create and join groups on our Member Site, such as Global Classroom Connect and Spanish Resources 

    • Resources for school community members such as mindfulness for parents, mindful teen, and family/kids yoga classes

  • Learning Center 

    • Access to past conference sessions, mentorship meetings, self-care sessions, and PD event recordings

    • This area of our Member Site has course creation and video tracking features like Teachable

  • Continuing Education Credits

    • Ability to earn PD Hours or CEUs for attending events live or viewing Learning Center content​. Learn more here.

Group Professional Membership for $500-$1,000 per year

To truly become a coalition of schools, we are encouraging educators to request that their administration support interested educators through group membership. A professional membership can be for any school, district, or education-related organization including an ROE, DOE, BOCES, special education cooperative, state school counselor association, etc.


Group membership is $500 for up to 50 people and $1,000 for unlimited people in your group. Group membership includes the extra benefit of discounted rate for our conference tickets. Inquire for more details.

Here's How It Works:

  1. Group decides if they will offer COSEM membership for free to their team or if they will recoup the cost (i.e. charge $10/person).  They could send out a survey to gauge interest using one of these email templates.

  2. Contact us at to let us know your preferred payment method.

  3. We will email you instructions to forward to your team for them to gain access to member benefits.

  4. School/org can give out clock hours for educators who view PD content on our view-tracking Member Site. We’ll provide viewing reports upon request up to two times a year.  Members also have the option to purchase 12 PD Hours and CEUs through COSEM for a $15 fee. Learn more here.

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Now more than ever, it is critically urgent and useful to investigate how mindfulness can serve as an agent for change, becoming and belonging; in taking the necessary actions to create and live fully in a world that wants to be. 

In our 2022-23 series will facilitate opportunities for participants to learn, study, practice, and apply ideas, tools and activities mindfully drawn from multiple arts & science-based disciplines providing time & space for participants to investigate, apply, adapt & align new concepts & tools to each participant's needs.


In asking the question, “what’s really going on here” throughout the series, utilizing mindfulness as a form of compassionate & critical inquiry in conjunction with creative & innovative ideas & methods, we will have a greater understanding of & capacity to emerge in accordance with our being in ways that are aligned to greater goals concerning the sustainable development of our species.

Participants will be encouraged & challenged (mindfully) to share out on their own productive & creative struggles to bring into the world that which has not previously existed.

Sampling of Member Events
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