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COSEM offers the following continuing education credit options for its professional members. We are an Illinois state PD Hour provider for teachers and an CEU Sponsor for social workers and other professionals. It is your responsibility to check with your licensing board to confirm that they'll accept continuing education credits from COSEM. Contact the COSEM Team at with any questions. 


Below is the process for earning 8 PDHs/CEUs for reading our book. This is a self-paced, start-anytime book study. This opportunity is included with your membership and no extra fees are involved.

  • Join the Educating Mindfully Book Study Group in the Group area of our Member Site.

  • Purchase our Educating Mindfully book on Amazon and read it. A digital copy is also available for $10 here.

  • Share at least one aha moment, resonating area, or reflection for each part of our book; four total reflections.

  • Respond to at least one other person's reflection for each part of our book; four total responses.

  • When you are done, fill out this evaluation form.

  • We will verify your reflections and responses and email you your Evidence of Completion document within 2 weeks.


When you attend any of our live, virtual, or on-demand events (learning event videos in our events library), you must complete the attendance form HERE. Please ensure you do that each time so we have an official record of your attendance.

We also credit professional development (PD)/continuing education unit (CEU) hours in sets of 12. As part of your membership benefits, we cover the processing cost as a member-benefit. In order to receive credit for those 12 hours, you need to track your PD hours on our PD/CEU tracker HERE.


  • PD/CEU Processing Fees

If you have additional sets of 12 PD/CEU hours (beyond the initial 12), there is a $15 processing fee for those additional sets of 12 PD/CEU hours unless you are a group member, in which case they are free.


  • Receiving Credit

Once you have 12 hours tracked on your tracking form, email it to Athea Davis at and then please complete this Evaluation Form for Professional Learning HERE to receive your 12-hour credits.


  • Special note on PD Series

If you attend an event series where there is more than one event scheduled (i.e., our summer book study regarding the Trauma Sensitive Classroom is a series because we have 5 virtual sessions attendees must attend live or watch on-demand), you will need to complete our main attendance form HERE for each session you attend.


  • PD/CEU Compliance Forms In Other Locations

We will also share all the necessary links during our special event/learning sessions, post-learning event email, and all PD compliance forms will be linked in our Learning Library where our event recordings are housed.

  • PD/CEU Hours Reset Each Membership Year

As part of your membership benefits COSEM will cover the cost of processing the compliance forms for your 12 hour PD/CEU hours. However, if you go above and beyond the first set of 12 hour PD/CEU in any given membership year, you will need to pay a $15 processing fee. PD/CEU hours reset each member renewal year. That means, each member renewal year you can request COSEM to process 12 PD/CEU hours as part of your membership benefits.

If you have any questions about compliance, attendance, and professional learning credits, please reach out, Athea Davis, at

IMPORTANT NOTE: In the past, members were required to submit a document to listing the events that they watched (rather than filling out a form for each one). Since some members may have already started keeping track of their viewing hours this way, we will also accept this method.


Members can earn 30 PDHs/CEUs OR 2 graduate credits for completing this program. Go to that webpage for details.

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