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Partnership Opportunities

We pride ourselves on keeping educators in the know on everything regarding the field of mindfulness in education. We’d love to list your course, training, webinar, program, book, etc. in our monthly e-newsletter and on this Partner webpage. Our e-newsletter goes out to over 5,000 educators and we have over 1,000 unique visitors to our website each month. 


To share with our community, please follow these steps:

1. Choose from the following options and click here to make a tax-deductible donation:

  • Three-line listing in one e-newsletter and one month on partner webpage--$50 

  • Twitter-size graphic in one newsletter and one month on partner webpage--$100

  • Three-line listing in 12 consecutive e-newsletters and one year on partner webpage--$300

2. Email the following to by the first of the month:

  • Listing’s text (we will shorten if needed) or .png graphic including details such as title, date, location

  • Webpage you would like us to link


For additional promotional opportunities, learn about our Sponsorship packages. 

Partner Resource Listings

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Learn more here. Contact Barbara at to inquire regarding scholarships for COSEM Professional Members

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Gina Biegel of Stressed Teens is thrilled for the opportunity to support middle school and high school communities by creating a 32 lesson mindfulness-centered SEL curriculum using as its foundation her new activity journal/book titled Take in the Good: Skills for Staying Positive and Living Your Best Life. The curriculum also includes 16 Mindful movement lessons with Stacie Cooper.


Each lesson includes one 15-20 minute instruction video, an audio mindfulness practice, and a pdf reflection assignment using pages from her book. It is $1500 for annual access to a password-protected webpage containing all 48 lessons (you’ll just need to share the webpage link and password with your students, staff, parents). 


Their hope is to have whole school communities doing the curriculum together--students, staff, and parents--learning together and creating a culture of mindfulness in their school community.


Learn more at Use referral code COSEM at checkout to support us.

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