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May 1-21 FREE Online Mindful Teacher and Parent Summit hosted by Mission Be

May 1-22 FREE Online Culture of Care Webinar Series hosted by Pure Edge

May 2 and May 9 Online Niroga Institute Dynamic Mindfulness Training

May 4-6 FREE Online Preschool Mindfulness Summit Re-Watch

May 4-8 FREE Online Mindful Leader Workplace Mindfulness Summit

May 6 FREE Online Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Meet-Up with David Treleaven

May 6 Online Yoga 4 Classrooms 6-hour training

May 7-June 4 Online Stressed Teens 4-Week MBSR for Teens and Young Adults Group

May 13 FREE Niroga Institute Webinar Mindful Family, Joyful Home

May 14 Online Little Flower Yoga Training: Teaching Yoga and Mindfulness to Children

May 15 Online Greater Good Science Center Bridging Differences Summit

May 16-17 Online Yoga Calm Trauma Releasing Exercises Certification Module 1

May 21-July 1 Online Mindful Schools Mindful Educator Essentials

May 31 Inseus 8-Week (MBSR) Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Virtual Course

May 21 Online Little Flower Yoga Webinar Mindful Games: Engaging Kids Through Play

May 21-July 1 Online Mindful Schools Mindful Educator Essentials

May 22-July 2 Online Mindful Schools Self-Compassion for Educators with Kristen Neff

May 26 Online Mindful Schools Workshop on Executive Function with Mark Bertin

May 30 Online Niroga Institute Living Mindfully: Sustaining Self-Care

June 2-August 4 Online 10-Week Stressed Teens Certificate Program

June 5-July 16 Online Mindful Schools Mindfulness Fundamentals

June 10 FREE Niroga Institute Webinar DMind Mood Shifter

June 11 Online Yoga 4 Classrooms 6-hour training

June 12-14 Little Flower Yoga Navigating Anxiety in Children Training in Rhinebeck, NY

June 16-17 Online 1000 Petals Foundations Trainings: Intro to Move Mindfully Course 1

June 22-23 ChildLight Yoga: Yoga & Mindfulness for Children Teacher Training in PA

July 1-Aug 6 Online COSEM Wellness Team and Administrator Academy

Start anytime online:

SEL Every Day Online Courses with Meena Srinivasan

Yoga 4 Classrooms Self Paced Online Course

Peace of Mind Online Training Courses

Still Quiet Place 4-Week Course for Athletes and Coaches

Yoga Calm Transforming Childhood Trauma and many other online courses

Niroga Institute Dynamic Mindfulness Foundations Level 1

 Greater Good Science Center's The Science of Happiness Course 


Inward Bound Mindfulness Education-Retreats and More for Teens and All Ages

"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all." -Artistotle

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