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Commit to 1%

Practice Challenge and Grant Opportunity

Join COSEM as we unite educators in prioritizing well-being in schools!


Since the most important element to developing the skills and aptitudes associated with mindfulness is daily practice, our collaborative Commit to 1% Challenge encourages educators to take the pledge, "We will commit to practicing mindfulness-based SEL with our students for 10 minutes each day."


Ten minutes is approximately 1% of our waking day. It's a very small time commitment that will make a huge difference in everyone's mental health. If we all take this pledge and keep reminding our community and school leaders that learning skills for lifelong well-being is our priority, we can make a big impact.

As part of our challenge, and to inspire others, we invite educators to share what committing to 1% looks like in your class or school. Those who share a video will be entered to win a $1000 resource grant. Details below.


Our challenge culminates each year on #SELday in March. This year (2023), we will be aligning our Educating Mindfully Conference (EMCON) to #SELday and we will be announcing our grant winner during the opening session on Friday, March 10th. 


Please join us, make mental well-being your #1 priority, and commit to 1% today!

Grant Details 

What does committing to 1% and educating mindfully look like at your school? Submit a video by March 9th, 2023 to let us know. We'll share some of the videos on our website, in our newsletters, and on social media so that we can all learn from one another.


We'll randomly select and announce a grant recipient each #SELday from the educators who submitted videos. The $1000 educator grant can be spent on the mindfulness resource(s) of choice to support mindfulness-based SEL at the educator's school. This can include a training, retreat, webinars, programs, curriculums, subscriptions, items and furniture for mindful spaces, books, and more. 

If you don't win, you'll be entered to win a grant next year (no need to keep resubmitting). One application per educator, but feel free to share several links in the same form.


The video submittals need to be YouTube links (accounts are free and you can set your video as unlisted if desired). We can only share your video if they are 100% secular in language and don't include singing bowls, etc. (we recommend chimes, vibratones, etc). 


Videos do not need to be fancy, a certain length, or time-consuming. Below are some examples of past submittals. Your video submission can be as simple as a recording of you leading an in-person or virtual mindfulness practice for your students.


Contact with questions or to sponsor an additional $1000 grant.

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