The most important element to developing the skills and aptitudes associated with mindfulness is daily practice. Our Commit to 1% campaign encourages educators and schools to take the pledge, "We will practice mindfulness with our students each day for 10 minutes." This is approximately 1% of our waking day. . . it's a very small time commitment that will make a huge difference to everyone's mental health.

To join the campaign:

1. Click the yellow button, sign your name, and take our Commit to 1% pledge.


2. Dedicate 10 minutes of every school day to mindfulness practice; all at once or with mindful moments throughout the day.

3. Congrats! Now share that your classroom or school has committed 1% to mental health. Drag a graphic below straight to social media or email us to get one. We can also make you a custom graphic with your school logo and different wording. Consider using the graphic for a sign on your classroom door or a stamp of pride on your school's website or Facebook page.


Let's join together to help heal trauma and end much of the suffering that millions of students and teachers experience each day as a result of the stress and anxiety that characterizes modern life. Make mental well-being your #1 priority and commit to 1% today!  

"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all." -Artistotle

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