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Our 4th Annual Educating Mindfully Conference was held virtually

on February 4-6, 2022. Thank you to all who participated!

Schedule and line-up are subject to change.​ Times shown in CST.


Each day of EMCON develops adult SEL competencies and dives deep

into how students self-regulate and learn, using mindfulness to

disrupt bias and increase self-awareness and equity, creating a

school culture of compassion and inclusion, trauma-informed ACE

healing practices, and educator self-care practices to build stress

resiliency and prevent burnout.

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I always feel refreshed and energized after this conference! It comes at a perfect time of the school year to make it through to spring with a smile on my face! Great people, great space!


Meaningful conference from start to finish. I left with practical strategies, along with a deeper understanding of the theory, history, and why from the sessions I attended. I left with a full heart, filled with hope and feeling renewed by the connection with all who attended. In one word: DYNAMIC!


Thank you so much for providing a place to meet so many like-minded educators! My heart is full and my light is shining very brightly. We are surrounded by so much burnout and negativity right now. I didn't notice how down I have been until I spent this time with this group of people. What a great and well-timed event. Thank you so much.


As an early childhood special ed and Preschool For All teacher, these conferences allow me to learn ways to support not only my students but also their families with the difficulties they may be facing. I am thrilled that this year's conference focused so much on the trauma of systematic racism and white supremacy. It wasn't a side note either. This group is taking a firm, upfront stance on trying to right the wrongs our students, staff, and families have encountered in this country. Utilizing mindfulness to address these issues allows us to develop a deeper understanding of the work we need to do to make a positive impact on our students.

I am forever changed and impacted and look forward to paying it forward!!


COSEM conducts important and meaningful work for youth and educators and I felt honored to have attended their conference.


Even though it was a virtual offering, and despite the fact that I'm brand new to COSEM, I felt like I belong. The conference had some beautifully humane reminders that we all can benefit from.


EMCON has been a great, inspiring, and empowering experience! I feel so much gratitude for the connectedness with other participants, and for all the learning and sharing!

I love the way this conference showed how mindfulness and equity work intertwine. As one speaker reminded it's the heart work that needs to be done with the head work of equity. Thank you!

As a school social worker, this conference allowed me to have space to reconnect and center myself and become excited about bringing mindfulness strategies back to my students and staff! This day embedded self-care and professional development which is refreshing and invigorating!! 


Thanks for another wonderful conference! Even virtually, the COSEM Community is supportive, wise, insightful, and awesome!


I cannot begin to express in words the JOY it gave me to be a part of this conference TODAY, as I am looking forward to joining in again TOMORROW, with such dynamic positive like-minded peers. Conferences such as this one, provide us with such content where we get to recharge our pedagogic batteries. We get to check in with ourselves, our peers in breakout rooms, adjusting our delivery to our students, as we face such unprecedented times. As research has shown, our approach to our students determines their response, and we must always be sensitive to their needs.

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