Purchasing annual membership to our Mindful Learning Center (MLC) for $100/individual or $200/school helps us sustain our mission while also providing affordable professional development for those who can't travel to the conference. Conference attendees can get MLC membership 50% off if they purchase at the time of registration. 


Educators and schools will learn online together from April to April by receiving access to our growing video library, including conference presentations, interviews with school leaders and educators, our Equity-Based Convo Series, webinars and more.


After uploading conference session recordings from EMCON2020 (by the end of April), we will email you the code to access the webpages listed with the buttons below. The access code will work for one year.


Discounts from many mindfulness-based organizations are also offered for our MLC members:


Below is a video containing clips of a few of the conference session recordings and an educator interview to give you a feel for their quality and substance.  Most, but not all of the conference sessions will be recorded. Click Conference on the menu tab for session descriptions.

Some of our conference presenters provided their slides and materials in this Google Folder. Anyone can access it.

"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all." -Artistotle

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