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Everything you need to know about breast pumps

Do you know what a breast pump is? Are you still wondering where to start and how to choose the best breast pumps for yourself? Check out the article below to better understand breast pumps and find the right one for you.

What is the purpose of breast pumps?

In general, breast pumps allow breastfeeding mothers to pump and store breast milk and allow babies to enjoy the benefits of breastfeeding even when their mothers are not present. This helps working mothers ensure that their babies get breastfed regardless of distance or time.

Who needs a pump?

You may need a pump if:

  • The infant doesn't nurse properly (or not nursing at all). The only way to control milk production, in this case, is through a good breast pump.

  • You need to increase milk supply, or you are inducing lactation for other babies. A pump is not strictly required in such cases but will speed up the operation.

  • You plan on returning to work, and you want to provide milk for your baby.

  • You intend to leave your child for a few hours but still want to store milk for your baby.

  • You provide milk (part of the time or all the time) for any reason.

What type of a breast pump?

  • Manual pumps

These are hand-operated breast pumps. These pumps are lightweight, inexpensive, and convenient to store for transportation. They fit great for short-term or periodic pumping applications. However, if you pump frequently or need large amounts of breast milk when pumping, it could be time-consuming and tiring to use a manual pump.

  • Battery-powered pumps

When you need to pump once a day or less, and you don't want to use a manual pump, a battery-powered pump would be a reasonable choice. They are compact and relatively quick to use as they are battery-operated. They do need batteries though, and that may become expensive to maintain. You would always have extra batteries on hand should you want to use them.

  • Electric pumps

When you choose to use an electric machine, it can give you the highest performance. Electric pumps are better and more reliable, and they can be used to support your development, and sustain, and improve your supply of milk. Electric breast pump reviews show that this type of pump is the most powerful and will save you a lot of time, but they are often more costly, larger, and need electricity.

What do you keep in mind when buying a breast pump?

To know which is the best breast pump for you, you need to consider the following aspect before getting one

  • Your purposes of pumping? — keeping the supply of milk, doing it daily during working hours, etc.?

  • Budget. Find the compromise between your expenditure and the pump model; the better fits your needs.

  • Portable

  • Suction power/feature.

  • Comfort. Does the pump suit well to your body?

  • The loudness of the pump

  • Other parts that you might need besides the pump.

In conclusion

Currently there are many types of best breast pump for working moms on the market, and they have been created for different needs. Each individual and every condition will need a specific breast pump. To be able to purchase a breast pump that suits your needs, users should carefully research the products and breast pump brands before buying any to avoid unsatisfactory cases that are unworthy for the money paid.


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