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Continuing Our COSEM Journey: A Message From Our Incoming President

(From our August 2022 Newsletter, written by Lindsey Frank)

Hello, COSEM Community! In June’s newsletter, Tovi Scruggs-Hussein shared her inspiring call to action, “My final charge to you as I turn over the presidency? How will YOU use your gifts and talents to contribute to the coalition? There is room for us all.” It is with a grateful heart and intention that I will continue to hold space, support, lead, and lift up our work together, ALL of us as a collective–a coalition. As a COSEM community, we have been called to be change makers within education to help our children discover ways to move our world into a brave space of equity, kindness, love, understanding, and presence. We are making history and taking bold, heart-centered action advocating that wellness belongs at the core of education for the profound transformational work to happen. Our teaching and leading are transformed not by a single action, but by a way of BE-ing. As we grow, mindfulness and SEL become infused into every moment within and beyond the classroom. We journey alongside our students and learn about ourselves every day in order to create a positive, lasting impact. The past few years and our world events have ignited an even deeper passion within us to find a way to make a change. It has also made it clear that the health and well-being of educators and leaders needs to be a simultaneous priority to the health and well-being of our students, families, and community. COSEM commits to creating a culture of well-being by providing opportunities for you to develop who you are as mindful educators, leaders, and service providers. We commit to offering resources, learning experiences, and mentoring in a supportive community. We commit to being responsive to the needs of our community. Know that we are here to support each other as a Coalition of Schools Educating Mindfully. In connection with Tovi’s call to action, I offer these questions as we reflect on the upcoming school year. I would encourage us to share our responses on our Community Platform to inspire others to take action:

  • Pause for a moment and celebrate your gifts and talents, how can these propel you forward this year? How can you make them known and become empowered to share them with others?

  • Where are you on your mindfulness journey within and beyond the classroom? Is there a small step (or big step) that you would like to commit to for this year?

  • When picturing your mindful classroom and school, what do you see? How can you get there? How can COSEM support you?

  • What inspires you about Mindfulness-Based SEL (MBSEL)? How are you integrating this into your teaching and leading? What support do you need to start or elevate the impact of MBSEL?

  • Pause for another moment and smile knowing that you are an incredible changemaker. Breathe this quality straight into your heart.

Thank you for all that you do and for all who you are. I am looking forward to our adventure together. With Gratitude, Lindsey Frank, M.Ed. COSEM President & Board Chair


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