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Resource Showcase: Mindfulness, SEL, Wellness

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Thank you to all who participated in our live
Virtual Resource Showcase!
What is the Resource Showcase? 

Our intention for the Resource Showcase is to create an opportunity for educators and leaders to learn about powerful mindfulness, SEL, and wellness resources to invest in and support their journeys within education or personal growth. 


Who can attend? 

This is a free and open-to-all event. The Resource Showcase may especially be helpful for school administrators, SEL/climate/mindfulness teams, as well as curriculum and instruction teams who are looking for additional resources for their schools. The Resource Showcase is also open to any interested educator or professional looking to learn more.


How does it work?

On Thursday, March 9th, there will be a Resource Showcase schedule where you can see what types of resources and services you would like to learn more about. The resource providers have a special RSVP Zoom link for you to join. During the live learning session, you can experience, practice, and ask questions to the specific resource provider. You are able to go to as many live learning sessions as you would like. It is free to attend and is open to anyone interested in learning more. 


The last learning sessions of the day are focused around adult well-being. These sessions are scheduled for later in the day so that educators can attend without impacting their school day hours. 


How do I sign up? 


  1. Be sure to subscribe to COSEM’s mailing list for updates for the Resource Showcase. 

  2. Choose the live Showcase sessions to RSVP to and receive the different join links. 

  3. Join the sessions at their assigned time (CENTRAL TIME ZONE) and bring an open mind, open heart, and questions. 


How do I prepare?


Before the live Resource Showcase sessions, take some time to explore the vendors below (coming soon) and in our Digital Resource Guide (coming soon) to see what they have to offer to your learning community and/or to your personal well-being. Map out the sessions you want to attend and reflect on questions you may have. 


There are additional resource providers within the Digital Resource Guide who may not be leading a live session, but that you may want to explore to see if they are a good fit for your learning community. 

NOTE: All vendors are independent of COSEM. We do not do an extensive review of the listings and do not specifically endorse the resources. However, we provide these resources as a starting point for individual research by educators and schools so they can find the best fit for their needs and learning community. 

Showcase Schedule

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RSVP for Live Resource Sessions

Time: 8:00-8:30 CT

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MindWell Education

Facilitators: Amy Burke and Kevin Hawkins

We will be looking at MindWell Education's two books - Mindful Teacher, Mindful School: Improving wellbeing in teaching and learning, and The Mindful Teacher's Toolkit: Awareness-based wellbeing in schools - and explore how they encapsulate bringing mindfulness and social and emotional learning into whole school communities. We will also hold a Q & A session for participants who may have specific questions about how to bring this work to schools. We look forward to connecting!

Time: 8:30-9:00 CT

Stacey M. Design.png

Stacey M. Design SEL Guided Journals

Facilitators: Stacey Montgomery

Stacey Montgomery of Stacey M Design is an author and social emotional learning innovator. Stacey’s approach to social emotional learning emphasizes a focus on self. She believes that it is of critical importance to teach our students to value themselves. She publishes a series of confidence-building guided journals for kids including:

  • What’s Your Super Power? Teaches students to identify and value their positive qualities and achievements

  • Why Is Different Awesome?  Teaches students to embrace their unique qualities and respect differences in others

  • What Are Your Big Dreams? Teaches students about what it takes to achieve their goal

  • What Makes You A Leader? Teaches students that leadership starts with how they lead themselves

Stacey also developed SEL curricula based on her guided journals, as well as Family Guides that make it easy to use with individual students or small groups. 

Time: 9:00-9:40 CT

Insight Institute Logo - Carolyn Sant Angelo.JPG

Insight Institute 

Facilitator: Carolyn Sant Angelo

Insight Institute supports mindfulness in education by providing mindfulness workshops and Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) consultation and training to support schools, community organizations, After-School programs, staff and faculty meetings, student groups, and individuals. Each participate will cultivate and explore their own inner resources and develop strategies to thrive and cope with stress in everyday life, work, school, relationships, burn-out, health, etc. A variety of research-based programs are offered and can be personalized to support the needs and dynamics of each specific groups. The certified facilitators have been inspired by their own mindfulness experiences and practices and have been trained by University of California/San Diego, Center for Mind Body Medicine and more. This 40-minute presentation will include an opportunity to learn strategies for classroom/school SEL and practice mindfulness, curiosity, laughter, and compassion, as well as learn about some of the resources and COSEM discounts offered by Insight Institute.

Time: 9:00-10:00 CT

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Ready MindSet Go!

Facilitator: Julia Martin

Ready MindSet Go! is an online program to help high school students get a head start on creating a career they love; the course combines mindset/manifestation principles with professional networking strategy. The course can be taught in the classroom (via a thorough teacher facilitation guide), but can also be self-guided.

Time: 10:00-10:40 CT

Untitled design (2).png


Facilitator: Chrissy Mignogna

Educators, therapists, students, treatment staff, and other related service providers learn how to teach simple mind-body strategies for self-regulation and social-emotional learning. movemindfully programs include:

  • Trainings

  • Workshops

  • Consultations

  • Residencies


Our movemindfully products are designed to deliver our signature Breathe Move Rest practices:

  • movemindfully Card Deck - English, Spanish, and Early Childhood

  • movemindfully App

  • Permission to Pause Posters

  • Tools for mindfulness and movement

Time: 10:30-11:00 CT

CSLA Logo.png

Center for Educational Improvement

Facilitator: Christine Mason

The Center for Educational Improvement addresses mindfulness, mental health, and our signature Heart Centered Learning through our research, books, monthly eNews, and an assessment: S-CCATE. We are collaborating with Yale University on US Department of Education research initiative, the Compassionate School Leadership Academy. Get an overview of our work and discounts on our publications.

Time: 10:30-11:00 CT

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Class Catalyst

Facilitator: Dana Fairchild

Class Catalyst teaches students lifelong SEL skills based in self-awareness and emotional wellbeing, so SEL is not just “one more thing” but the answer to promoting a safe classroom space, where students can thrive academically, physically, emotionally, and socially.

Time: 11:00-11:40 CT

Screen Shot 2023-02-16 at 10.13.00 AM.png

Whole School Mindfulness

Facilitator: Selena La'Chelle Collazo

We’re making mindfulness an integral part of education and co-creating an education system that advances well-being, community, and justice through the transformative power of mindfulness. WholeSchool Mindfulness supports school or district staff members whose role is to integrate mindfulness practices within their community. We call these leaders “Mindfulness Directors”. We envision a mindful education system in which every school has access to a culturally responsive Mindfulness Director. We envision compassionate, resilient schools that support all community members to meet personal, relational, and global challenges with increased clarity and an unwavering commitment to justice. We envision future generations of healthy, connected individuals whose mindfulness practice has supported them to see clearly and act wisely in service of imagining and creating a more aware and just world. Join us for a guided practice and learn more about our professional learning community and how WholeSchool can serve as a partner in support of your work!

Time: 11:00-12:00 CT

2022 NMAA SI logo_two lines_vermilion and black.jpg
Create Calm Logo FINALTMfullcolor.png

National Museum of Asian Art and Create Calm

Facilitators: Jenn Reifsteck and Lisa Danahy

Artful Movement Virtual Field Trip Program

How can museum programs help build resilience in children? Artful Movement, a virtual field trip for PreK-6th grade audiences, was developed by the National Museum of Asian Art and Create Calm with this goal in mind. Learn from the creators of Artful Movement how combining slow looking, breathwork, and movement increases self-worth, joy, and a sense of belonging in youth. Participate in an abbreviated program and learn how you can reserve a free Artful Movement virtual field trip for your students.

Time: 12:00-12:30 CT

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Peace of Mind

Facilitator: Cheryl Dodwell

​​The Peace of Mind Curriculum, a full-year mindfulness-based SEL, Conflict Resolution and Social Justice Curriculum for PreK-8, is used by educators nationwide to help students face challenges in their own lives and in the world with kindness, courage and compassion. Peace of Mind resources are educator-developed, classroom-tested, research-based, affordable and effective! We look forward to talking with you!

Time: 12:30-1:00 CT

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Inner Explorer

Facilitator: David Metler

Inner Explorer offers an easy to use platform for daily habits of mind and heart practices of mental health, academic achievement, and school safety to transform school-communities and empower youth, their families, and educators.

Learn about Inner Explorer's recent partnership with COSEM and a new benefit for COSEM members! 

Time: 1:00-1:30 CT

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Inward Bound Mindfulness Education

Facilitator: Tonya Jones

Inward Bound Mindfulness Education

Our mission is to provide in-depth mindfulness programming for youth (teens) and the parents and professionals who support them. iBme’s programs guide participants in developing self-awareness, compassion, and ethical decision making, and empowers them to apply these skills in improving their lives and communities.

Research on the impact of iBme retreats has demonstrated that, following their retreat, teens experienced increased self-compassion and life satisfaction, along with decreased rumination and reactivity. 

Young adults and parents regularly share that iBme programs are transformative. More than 50% of participants return for future retreats and demand for our programs continue to grow across the US and internationally.

Time: 1:00-1:30 CT

Challenge to Change Logo Amy Jenkins.png

Challenge to Change

Facilitator: Amy Jenkins

Challenge To Change, Inc. is committed to empowering educators, students, and caregivers with mindful strategies in order to authentically connect with the world around them. In this presentation, you’ll learn about Challenge to Change’s evidence-based online program, ‘Yoga in the Schools’. ‘Yoga in the Schools’ was designed to help students: Strengthen resilience in order to positively impact stress management, self-esteem and decision-making Regulate emotions to reduce emotional distress and conduct problems Practice focus and attention to improve academic performance Through an interactive sample lesson, participants will get a demonstration of the ‘Yoga in the Schools’ signature 5 Parts of Practice. Learn how each part was intentionally designed to increase mind/body awareness, encourage belonging and self-acceptance, and offer a calm space in the middle of the school day. You will walk away with simple and effective tools that can be applied immediately within the classroom!

Time: 1:30-2:00 CT

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Yoga In Classrooms and Schools Consulting

Facilitator: Emily Fleming

Yoga In Classrooms and Schools Consulting works directly with schools and school districts to develop tailor-made, impactful, and long-term yoga and mindfulness programming for students, staff, and families through a model of long-term coaching and support, cross-curricular integration and the creation of culturally relevant programming aligned to the needs, values, and goals of the school community.

We work with schools and districts to deliver any / all of the following outcomes:

1. Develop tailor-made yoga and mindfulness programming for students and / or staff based on individual school needs and values, including self-care workshops for staff and families.

2. Train teachers to implement yoga and mindfulness in their classrooms through a coaching model of teaching and observation.

3. Evaluate existing programming and provide feedback on its efficacy and impact.

4. Provide year long support, check-ins, and trainings for schools and school staff

5. Support schools and districts in any other aspect of program design, implementation, and efficacy, including support and guidance in hiring outside yoga and mindfulness providers, evaluating existing programs, developing programs to be used across the district, and more.

6. Assist school and district leaders with the creation and implementation of long-term, multi-year programming.

Time: 2:00-3:00 CT

Untitled design (3).png

Pure Edge, Inc.

Facilitator: Jesse Weaver

PureEdge, Inc.

Start with the Heart: Expanding the Capacity to Learn

This session introduces PreK-12 educators to the START WITH THE HEART curriculum, which invites learners to examine what they need to support their own well-being. Topics include exploring the body’s stress response, understanding the role of the brain and the nervous system, neuroplasticity, brain anatomy, self-regulation, developing a growth mindset to support resiliency, reflecting on habits, and learning how personal well-being exists in relationship with the well-being of the communities to which one belongs. The curriculum, designed with ease of delivery as a top priority, offers simple, life-enhancing, research-based exercises that build the learner's ability to manage stress. This session will model how each lesson can be delivered in 15 to 30 minutes, weaved into the course of a school day for in-class or virtual instruction, supporting increased learning of other school subjects.

Time: 3:00-3:30 CT

Screen Shot 2023-02-16 at 10.42.17 AM.png

Greater Good Science Center

Facilitator: Mariah Flynn

Greater Good in Education

A collection of science‐based practices for integrating social‐emotional learning, mindfulness, and character education into the DNA of classrooms and schools.

Time: 3:30-4:30 CT

Untitled design (7).png

Breathe for Change

Facilitator: Kelli Norgaard

Breathe for Change

Yoga/SEL/Wellness resources for educators-- the Breathe For Change Wellness Platform is an amazing subscription-based tool that provides educators with live events each week, all designed to increase their own social-emotional competencies and overall wellness!

Time: 4:30-5:00 CT

Teaching Well.png

Teaching Well

Facilitator: Danielle Nuhfer

Teaching W.E.L.L. Coaching 

Teaching Well’s mission is to help reduce stress and burnout while finding and sustaining balance and wellness inside and outside of the classroom. Teaching Well uses mindfulness exercises, habit creation, goal setting, and self-care practices. Through these techniques, I am here to help teachers cultivate a greater sense of well-being.  

We’re learning how to manage stress, find work-life balance, and collectively meet the needs of our students, families and ourselves. By doing this, we will lessen teacher burnout and increase classroom job satisfaction.

Time: 5:00-5:30 CT


Moving1Forward Fitness & Mindfulness

Facilitator: Elizanda Wilhyn Larsen

Classes are available virtually or in-person if you are in Brooklyn, 5 boroughs, Long Island and parts of New Jersey.

Contact Email:

My approach is unique in the sense that I focus on teaching the mastery of going deep within self. Being able to identify and hear our inner voice loud and clear. As the answers are always found within.


We teach this modality through the teachings of quieting the mind, encompassing movement, i.e. yoga and meditation. Confidence is gained through a series of daily positive affirmations and mirror work. Self love is crucial and a key component when it comes to an individual’s personal growth.


Moving1Forward also offers holistic health coaching, life coaching, reflexology and other modalities. Using one or more avenues positively aids in the growth process as we transition to a new and more improved individual.

Time: 5:30-6:00 CT

Latinas in Wellness for Canva__edited.jpg

Latinas in Wellness

Facilitator: Ohilda Holguin

Latinas in Wellness is a network and social enterprise for Latinas in the health, wealth, tech, and wellness industries. We are dedicated to providing professional development, workshops, talks, training, and collaboration opportunities.


Our mission establishes “Latinas in Wellness” as a global platform to support business owners, executives, and women achieve more goals personally and professionally while advancing generational wealth for their families. We help unlock significant economic opportunities for business owners via thought leadership, partnerships, and new product offerings. LIW develops powerful leadership training, consultation, and coaching programs in business development, wealth building, finances, technology, women’s empowerment, wellness, motivational speaking, and health. 

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